Zobeyni Arabians
Zobeyni Arabians

Good Book List

Pedigrees without information and photos become meaningless - they are just a list of names. History, photos and genetic knowledge can help transform the ancient records of the Arabian into helpful guidance for our breeding and horse selection today.

Some of these books or magazines are out of print. Those in print can usually be found at Amazon or Horsebooks but, for out of print items, you need to get adept at setting up search alerts on Ebay.

Crabbet History

Many of these books include key photos and breeding records as well as history. Lady Wentworth's own account is fascinating but has to be viewed in light of better understanding of some facts that have developed since.
  • The Crabbet Arabian Stud, Its History and Influence by Archer, Pearson and Covey
  • Lady Anne Blunt, Journals and Correspondence by R Archer
  • The Authentic Arabian by Lady Wentworth (our of print)

If you get just one book from this section make it Gazder - fascinating photos and Vols 1-12 of the AHS Studbooks all in one slim volume. A Crabbet bible.
  • The Arab Horse Families of Great Britain 1875-1973 by Gazder
  • AHS Studbooks by the Arab Horse Society of Great Britain
  • The Arabian Horse Families of Egypt by Pearson and Mol
  • Crabbet Convention Catalogue, UK 1985
  • Crabbet Convention Catalogue, UK 2002
  • Crabbet Convention Book, UK 2013
Old Photos & New

If you cannot view the horses in a pedigree in life, the next best thing is video and the best we can hope for is often a photo or two. Without a visual record, the pedigree is useless. Observations by knowledgeable contemporaries helps too.
  • Crabbet Arabians, The Crabbet Arabian Stud and The Crabbet Arabian Stud Supplement, three booklets issued by Cecil Covey (out of print)
  • The Arab Horse in Great Britain and Ireland by the AHS in 1964 (out of print)
  • A Century of Crabbet Breeding by R Archer
  • Old AHS News 1950s to 1980s (out of print)
  • The Arabian Horse in Great Britain by R S Summerhays (out of print)
  • Desert Heritage by Peter Upton, actually paintings of old photos (out of print)
  • The Arab Horse by Peter Upton, paintings again
  • Illustrated Guide to the Arabian Horse in Great Britain, 1st to 4th issues (out of print)
Horse Breeding & Genetics

There are many received myths about applying known genetics to horse breeding. The Arabian is a closed gene pool, as any closed studbook breed of the modern world is. This has significant effects on practical long-term breeding policies which should be understood by any aspiring horse breeder.
  • Horse Breeding and Stud Management by Henry Wynmalen, a classic of its kind
  • Horse Genetics by Ann T Bowling
  • Genetic Principles in Horse Breeding by Lasley (out of print)
Further Background Reading
  • The Royal Studs of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by C M Prior (our of print)
  • Noble Brutes, How Eastern Horses Transformed Englsh Culture by Donna Landry
Pedigree Tools

The most reliable source of online pedigrees is AHR's Datasource but it is a service you have to pay for annually, for short term periods or per search. The free service is Allbreedpedigree - you just need to be aware that this information is entered by users and can be incomplete or occasionally inaccurate.

One tool for assessing the degree of relatedness or inbreeding in a pedigree is known as Wright's co-efficient of inbreeding. FSpeed is a free download for calculating this over a limited generation span with more extensive paid for software also available - some interesting information on the theory on this site in any case.

The New Albion Stud is the CMK and Davenport programme of Michael Bowling, California, USA. The commentaries on the resident Arabians and their bloodlines make interesting reading for all Arabian horse pedigree students.

Online Articles

Articles of History - An American site that is aimed primarily at the American breeder of predominantly Crabbet bloodlines (CMK) but also of the traditional all-American group, the Davenport Arabians. Some great articles on history, historical equine families and genetics plus some great examples of the possibilities for breeding within very small gene-pools, the latter from the Davenport articles in particular. Some of these articles shoiuld be required reading for all aspiring horse breeders.

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