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Zobeyni Arabians

Zobeyni Arabians Foundations

I started in 1990 with the purchase of one key mare, Nafranta. The bedouin used a system of strains that labelled all their horses according to the female line. The importance of good mare lines cannot be overestimated.

Nafranta's daughter Narishka produced my young stallion Zobeyni Nurani who is now central to my continued programme.  I have been very fortunate to be able to loan some lovely mares to breed to him.  

If you would like to know more about the history of the Arabian and those from the Crabbet Stud bloodlines in particular, check out the History pages. This section also includes helpful research tools and recommended reading list for those wishing to delve deeper into the story of the Arabian breed or the genetics and technicalities of working with a closed gene pool group.


My first homebred foal the 1994 100% Crabbet mare Narishka .... still queen at Zobeyni.  She is such a gracious, loving mare; she's big, pretty and she knows she's adored.


Zobeyni Nurani

Narishka's 2012 colt is now the stallion at the centre of my breeding progamme.



Nafranta was a 1974 mare of 100% Crabbet Stud bloodlines who became my foundation mare in 1990.  She was by British National Champion stallion Manto from the gorgeous Naseel daughter Nafisa and was bought specifically to breed to the stallion Ranadi.

In 1994 she gave me a filly who I named Narishka.  Narishka arrived when she was 20 and in the end was the only one of her dam's three UK daughters to breed on.

Zobeyni Aziza is known as Bambi to her friends.  She is a 2017 granddaughter of Narishka by Zobeyni Nurani and from the wonderful old Queen of Sheba line mare AA Ray of Hope.  I loaned her dam from Mandy Sarsam's Rohan Stud.  She is a super ridden mare who duly produced her very first foal in Aziza at the grand age of 23 years!

Bambi is being retained to continue the 100% Old English line to Queen of Sheba and the Abeyeh Sherrakieh strain but also because she is elegant, moves well and is just adorable.

The newest addition to the stud is Crystal Solitaire, a 2018 100% Crabbet filly bred by my friend Daphne Cocksedge at her Romac Stud.  She is by another Naseel descendant, champion Crabbet stallion Klinta Sultan, from Daphne's important Silver Bell line mare Crystal Shadowlight.  She is destined for Zobeyni Nurani in due course and I have high hopes for the combination.

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